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Pony OC: Shadow Walker by dennyvixen Pony OC: Shadow Walker by dennyvixen
This is my OC Shadow Walker, his was made a little while ago, it just took me ages to draw his design. He's meant to be completely black, but for the sake of shading I had to make his coat a little lighter. :XD:
I was struggling to come up with a backstory for him but I finally have something! :D

He was born 1987 in the slums of Detrot. When Shadow was very young he spent his young childhood playing out in the streets with his best friend whilst his parents spent a lot of the time arguing with each other.

When Shadow turned the age of 5, an outbreak of a terrible illness spread all over the entire land, killing off at least half of the population, including Shadow’s own best friend.

Shadow’s parents caught the illness but were struggling to survive from it. The day his mother was dying, Shadow’s dying father tried to carry her to a hospital for help, but instead he ended up being shot in the head because he was carrying the illness. (Ponies caught with the illness were usually killed themselves in hopes to stop spread the illness to anywhere else in Equestria.) The mother had already died, and Shadow, just a 5 year old foal was left alone.

He spent almost a week hiding from the ponies who killed the sick ponies. Shadow was beginning to starve, but was soon rescued and taken far away from that place and taken to an orphanage in Manehattan.

By the time he turned 10 he was adopted by a lesbian couple who treated Shadow Walker well, but because of his traumatic experiences, Shadow wasn’t so friendly towards his new family.

When Shadow aged 11, he started Elementary School where he just kept to himself and refused to speak to any other pony because he was frightened they’d try to shoot him too.

When Shadow reached the age of 14, he started to make friends, but the wrong sorts of friends. He mixed in with a group of older ponies from another school who so happened to be nothing but thugs. Little did Shadow know they were a vicious gang of completely false ‘friends’. These older ponies forced Shadow into their lives, forcing him to try strong drugs like ketamine. They forced him into a life of crime, and even forced Shadow into sex. The gang showed Shadow “how it’s done” by raping him first, and then watching him have sex with a hired prostitute. Shadow thought he was doing the right thing, unaware his ‘friends’ were laughing behind his back.

Shadow’s adopted parents had no idea about this secret life of Shadow. They always assumed he was still traumatized by his childhood.

The gang always told Shadow and lived by their own words of “if you want something you have to fucking get it before you die tomorrow.”

When Shadow got into High School, he became a lot more confident, he felt like a bigger pony than everyone else, he felt like he could push who he wanted, he felt stronger than all of them.

Just when Shadow was starting to feel good about himself and starting to feel like one of the gang, one night he got ambushed by his own group of ‘friends’. The gang beat him into the dirt of an alley and left him there to choke on his own blood in the night.

Shadow had never felt so betrayed in his life, and as much as he wanted to runaway, he instead held his head up high, went back to school the next day to find a new ‘gang’. Shadow managed to befriend two other ponies, a large bay pony and a skinny, scrawny grey and white stallion, both pegasi like Shadow.

This is how Shadow earned his cutie mark, the shadow behind the flame representing his leadership, the fire representing his strength and determination.

Shadow’s mind was too focused on the life he lived with that past gang, it was something he thought was right. “if you want something you have to fucking get it before you die tomorrow.” He had no sense of sympathy for other ponies anymore.

As for the scars on Shadow’s face and body, he actually received them from Sortilege, (craptastic’s OC, also Angel Cake’s girlfriend). This was when Sortilege tried to confront Shadow because of a fight he once got into with Joen at school.

All in all, Shadow is quite a dangerous pony to be around. Shadow barely even shows any kindness towards his two new friends. The only kindness he ever really gives is towards his adopted parents, but only because he is very quiet around them.
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September 1, 2013
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